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Toasting Tradition with Matthew Fuller - The St. Louis Podcast: Episode #28

September 15, 2023 St. Louis Podcast Episode 28
The St. Louis Podcast
Toasting Tradition with Matthew Fuller - The St. Louis Podcast: Episode #28
Show Notes

Dive deep into the heart of a St. Louis favorite with Matthew Fuller, the culinary brain behind STL Toasted. Taking a beloved classic - the toasted ravioli- and adding innovative twists, Matthew has transformed a local delicacy into a mouthwatering sensation.

Join us as we explore the world of toasted ravioli like never before. How did Matthew come up with the idea to redefine such an iconic dish? What challenges did he face in introducing new flavors to a traditional palate. And how does STL Toasted ensure every bite captures the essence of St. Louis?

Beyond just the flavors and crunch, we delve into the entrepreneurial journey. From idea conception, brand creation, to becoming a local hotspot, Matthew shed light on what it takes to innovate in the food industry while staying true to one’s roots.

So, whether you’re a food enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or simply a lover of great stories, this episode is a delectable dive into the world of reinvention and passion. Prepare your palate and join us for an episode that’s truly ‘toasted to perfection’.

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