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Sparking Evolution with Steve Schankman and Joe Litvag - The St. Louis Podcast: Episode #23

August 11, 2023 St. Louis Podcast Episode 23
The St. Louis Podcast
Sparking Evolution with Steve Schankman and Joe Litvag - The St. Louis Podcast: Episode #23
Show Notes

Get ready for an electrifying episode as we sit down with two visionary creators shaping the entertainment landscape – Steve Schankman, the mastermind behind Contemporary Productions, and Joe Litvag, the founder of The Just Listen Company.

With decades of combined experience in the live entertainment industry, these luminaries have orchestrated some of the most iconic events and concerts on the global stage. Join us as we delve into their awe-inspiring journey, from crafting extraordinary moments with music legends like Mick Jagger to orchestrating the unforgettable visit of Pope John Paul II.

Discover how they turned their passion for music and entertainment into an empire, creating immersive experiences that have left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. Beyond their stellar careers, Steve and Joe have been devoted philanthropists, weaving a narrative of giving back to the community. Learn about the impact of their generous contributions, including Steve's monumental support that brought a one-of-a-kind animal sculpture to life at the Saint Louis Zoo.

But that's not all – these dynamic visionaries are now gearing up to unveil their latest masterpiece, the Evolution Festival. Tune in to hear firsthand about the genesis of this groundbreaking event, set to transform St. Louis into an epicenter of music and culture. From navigating the challenges of event production to predicting the future trends in the industry, Steve Schankman and Joe Litvag reveal the secrets behind their success.

Join us as we delve into their vibrant stories, explore the intricacies of festival planning, and anticipate the breathtaking experiences awaiting attendees at the Evolution Festival. 

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